QWIN CBDRx Blend 10 Pack

QWIN CBDRx Blend 10 Pack

Featuring MicroFusion and our special M-Spec oil, our CBDRx is 100% organic and retains 100+ active cannabinoids from the hemp plant, ensuring the entire spectrum of cannabinoids are highly bioavailable.

Extracted from the highest quality American-grown hemp, these capsules are rich in cannabinoids and other natural terpenes, providing an enhanced response. This response, the “entourage effect”, is the result from all the cannabinoids working together in your body, amplifying and balancing the effects of each other.

Mother nature is always in equilibrium. These capsules promote restoration and bring you back to a happy level of homeostasis.

With QWIN’s advanced nebulizing system expect to feel the effects quickly. You will feel the effects of the CBD up to 6X quicker than tinctures or edibles, putting you more in control of your experience. 

At 100mg CBD this is a potent source of cannabinoids.

    • Our CBD

    Our CBD

    QWIN Nano

    MicroFusion Technology

    Is the process in which we break down the cannabinoid molecules into teeny tiny molecules which dramatically increases their bioavailability in the body. This increased bioavailability means a higher percentage of the cannabinoids will be absorbed by the body, and they will be absorbed faster. In short, our CBDRx capsules will provide a stronger and faster effect.


    American Grown

    • Pesticide-free
    • Natural sunlight (Not artificially grown indoor)

    Human Tested

    • The formulation undergoes extensive consumer testing for quality experiences

    Lab Tested

    • Our 4 point quality control testing ensures formulas are precise, consistent and contaminate free
    • Full traceability from farm source
    • Non-toxic, Pharmaceutical grade 99%+
    • Non-Psychoactive