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QWIN Kit is an introductory bundle pack that includes the Module and 4 of our CBDi Full-Spectrum capsules. Made with organic Full-Spectrum CBD from high quality American farm-grown hemp the QWIN CBD capsules works with the body’s intricate Endocannabinoid system to bring you back to a happy level of homeostasis.

Our kit:

*micro USB not included (See our commitment to reducing e-waste)

With CBDi you have more control of your dosage. At 100mg our capsules are designed so you can lightly dose throughout your day, naturally restoring your mind and body.

QWIN’s nebulizing delivery system is designed for you to feel the effects of the CBD up to 6X quicker than tinctures or edibles, allowing you more control of your experience.

  • Flavors
  • Our CBD
  • Tech Specs


Made with love in Paris, France.

Crafted with the highest of standards, these flavors are designed to indulge the entire range of your taste buds. We have undergone extensive consumer research in our Paris Lab to guarantee satisfaction and quality experiences with our formulas.


Homemade strawberry goodness topped with whipped creme. This classic treat will make life’s moments even sweeter.


Say hello to your morning ritual. That sensual and aromatic moment when you take your first sip of a perfectly made cup of warm, rich, and creamy caffe latte.


Fresh cuts of mango. Straight from your tropical Oasis


Brrrrr. Spearmint. Colder than your ex’s heart. Enough said.


American Grown

  • Pesticide-free
  • Naturally grown outdoors

Human Tested

  • Formulations undergo extensive consumer testing for quality experiences
  • Our flavor recipes are developed in Paris, France using finest quality ingredients
  • 6 Unique flavors designed to satisfy all your taste buds

Lab Tested

  • Our 4 point quality control testing ensures formulas are precise, consistent and contaminate free
  • Full traceability from farm source
  • Non-toxic, Pharmaceutical grade 99%+
  • Non-Pyschoactive, 0% THC

Tech Specs

Advanced Nebulizing Technology

1. Ceramic Coil

Powerful delivery of formulation and flavors.

2. 1.5 ml Volume

Twice the capacity of other leading devices.

3. Anti-Leak Capsule Design

Never worry about a mess.

4. Auto-fire Failsafe Function

Designed to switch off after 8 seconds of continuous use, preventing potential damage to the QWIN module.